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Cairns Leading Automated and Technician Mediterranean Spraytan Spa.Teeth Whitening, Vibration Training, Cellulite Reduction, Infrared Sauna, Vibrogym,Sauna Infrared, LED Skin Light Therapy. Athlete Recovery. Ph: 0439940591. 8am to 8pm.

Pale to Tanned in only 3 Minutes & In Privacy - Book now

Since we opened in 2006 our goal has been to provide Cairns very best Unisex Tanning Spa with Superior Equipment, Various Tanning options catering for everybody including the shy client and discreet entry and exit. 

After a Sunless Tanning Session with us you will feel pampered as our Staff of over 16 years experience look after you with First Class Service.

We aim to give our clients a professional efficient and discreet service to help our clients to achieve optimal results - comfortably. 

We cater for all Skin Types from Fair Skin to Olive ensuring an appropriate tanning result to match your skin.

Our Tanning formulations also allow clients to leave their spray tan on for only 1 hour not 8 before showering and enjoying a 7-10 day Sunless, beautiful tan.

We offer top of the line equipment and products at affordable prices.  Our discreet Clinic is conveniently located in Aeroglen near Cairns International & Domestic Airports.

If your a visitor to Cairns why not book and come to see us on the way from the Airport on arrival so that you are tanned from day 1 and not lily white when out on the reef or by the pool.

For our locals we provide off street parking unmetered .  No long walks to your car and no embarrassing salon departures.  On rainy days park inside our grounds and our staff will umbrella you to your car to ensure you tan is perfect.  All our Tanning services are By Appointment Only as we are a Home Based Business.  Cash Only .

With the very best Pura Sunless Fully Automated Booths for our shy clients and quality Competition Tans you can rest assured you are being looked after by the very best Tanning Facility in Cairns.

We also stock a range of after tan products including our Extender Lotion which has our Spraytan in the lotion to entend your tan past the 7-10 day mark for those who want a longer lasting tan.  Only $35.

Pura Sunless Automated Booth:  Private Tanning - No one seeing you undressed.. for the shy client.

Fully Automated Booth- Pura Sunless Private Spraytan Booth

The Ultimate Sunless Tanning Booth in the World.  The Pura Sunless Automated Sunless Tanning Booth from Pura is better by design and foolproof. From its 4-Minute Tan and Simple Positions to its Comfort Dry Pass to seal the tan and Trinity Mist sprayers, Purely Sunless has features like no other to give you a sunless tan like no other. Plus, our automated booths offer clients the opportunity to tan without anyone seeing them undressed.  Ideal for the shy client.
Our Pura Booth has easy voice control to guide you through your tan and you only need to wait an hour before showering then your beautiful tan will last you 7 to 10 days.  See our Video below to see our booths in action.

Pricing:  Full Body Pura Sunless Booth Tan: Violet Base 1 hr Development:  $35 Cash.

Click here to see our Pura Sunless Automated Booth in action.

Wedding Party Spraytans - Leave your special day tanning to experienced professionals

Wedding Tans -  Brides, Groom & Groups

Wedding Parties are our speciality because of our experience in the industry.  We are aware of the importance of your special days.

We are highly experienced at tans for high focus events and have never had a bad feedback.  See our facebook page the quality work and high standards we have to ensure our clients look their very best.

With over 16 Colour choices for all skin types, technician or foolproof Automated booths we will ensure that your bridal party have quality Tans with colour that suits individual skin colours.

Pricing:  Full Body Pura Sunless Automated Wedding Tans: Violet Base 1 hr Development:  $35 Cash. Extra Coat $10.

Professional Competition Tanning for Competitors on all levels

Competition Tans -  Professional Solutions for all Comp Competitors of all levels.

Whether it be Body Building, Physical Culture or Dancing - competition spray tans have  to be applied to perfection. An individual has spent anything from 12 weeks to 3 years perfecting their appearance for such a competition. Competition Spray Tan enables you to present yourself in the best possible scenario, with professional products used to enhance your appearance under strong lighting and to combat perspiration, whilst still giving you longevity to last the entire day/night of performances and judging. In any form of physical competition, appearance is what they are judging you on as well as technique. 

The application of your spray tan is applied prior to the competition to ensure the spray tan is at its darkest and the coverage is even.  We use the very best spray tan formula to ensure we achieve the darkest brown (never orange) outlining the appearance of your textured, toned and sculptured muscular body, which you have worked so hard for.  Colour and application is extremely important on the day of your competition, especially when being judged under those bright lights. 
To take the stress out of an already stressful day, employ our professional spray tan competition technicians with experience in the tanning industry to assist you on the day. 

Application & Options

Our Comp Tans formula means you do not have to endure heavy layering of DHA to obtain the perfect competition colour.

  Day 1

Shower, exfoliate and pat skin dry ensuring you have NO product on your skin. It is also recommended that you shampoo and condition your hair at this time.
Upon arrival at your tanning technician barrier cream is placed on any extra dry areas such as heels, feet, knees, elbows to ensure the tan does not ‘grab’ (If you have been exfoliating well beforehand this may not be necessary)

Base Tan

The technician will now apply two even coats of a Suntanon solution to give you excellent depth of colour, drying well between coats.

 Day Two

Suntanon applications can now be re-applied to achieve desired depth of colour. Simply ensure you dry well between coats. The number of coats is dependent on how dark you need to go for each category.  You can leave this coat on without rinsing if not getting final application on day.

Finishing Coat

Either an addition 1-2 coats on the morning prior to the event.
These final coats are now left on until the competition is over.


1 x Pre Comp Multiple Coat Tan:  $65 Cash Only.

2 x Pre Comp Multiple Coat Tan: $115 Cash Only

Package Including:  2 x Pre Comp Tans & 1 x On the morning of competition at salon- $150 Cash Only.